Brian Levis

Hi! I am a senior at UC Berkeley studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.
Last summer I worked at Bloomberg, and built a full-stack application to run on the Bloomberg Terminal. The summer before that, I worked on an internal tool for Adobe Media Optimizer.
This spring, I plan on taking Computer Graphics, Parallel Computing, and Deep Neural Networks.
Outside of class, I managed a software project for a client of my club, and am working on this neat automatic Nerf turret I built with my friends.

Here are some nice links:
My updated resume is hosted here.
Email me at

Here are some of my favorite class projects:
CS 184 (Graphics): CS 194-26 (Computational Photography): CS 161 (Security): CS 170 (Algorithms): CS 61C (Computer Architecture): CS 61B (Data Structures): Freshman year hackathon projects hosted on Heroku (and probably broken):
Tweet Runner (Made for CSUA Fall 2015 Hackathon - 3rd Place)
Scroller game that responds to the real-time Twitter stream.
Radio Map (Made for CSUA Spring 2016 Hackathon - Honorable Mention)
Road trip visualizer that plays "Billboard Top 100" hits based on location (online version does not properly assign songs, but the updated version is on GitHub). subdirectories: nerf-iron-dome wasteoftime subdomains: ch4 fileserver picam printer resume router threadable turret
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